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In 1994, we had a crazy idea. We thought: let’s make access to energy as simple as breathing. It was a single idea that led to a bunch of others, like: instead just supplying our customers with energy, let’s give them power too.


Over twenty years later we’re the largest independent shipper of gas in the UK. And we’re still implementing those crazy ideas. We see it like this: the way we’ve always done things is the way things should have always been done.

The CNG Values

And we always reach ‘WOW'… in how we work, the effect we have on each other, our partners and customers, and in how we think about products, processes and services. And that’s why it’s fun.

Do we need to say any more than fun, care, honest, WOW, fair and open? We thought not.

The CNG Values

Crazy idea number one

Take away the pain

You’ve got a business to run, right? That’s where you need to invest your time. Dealing with an energy company should be swift like a ninja manoeuvre. So we’ve made it that way. A knowledgeable team of CNG people are on hand to answer your calls quickly and do weird things like, you know, actually help.

Crazy idea number two

Let’s be bigger than profit

“The energy market needs more competition and greater transparency.” That’s what Ofgem said.  So we thought, okay then… let’s make that happen. Off we went, giving like-minded businesses everything they needed to enter the market. More competition will make the market better. It gives people choice, clarity and, ultimately, power. And a healthy market is good for everyone. Simple.

Shipping Services

Crazy idea number three

Get stuff right

How about going out of our way to try to make sure that in future, our customers are only charged for the energy they used? We’re talking about more accurate billing. No more ‘finger-in-air-billing’. We’ve already switched many customers to AMR meters. We’re also looking to invest in smart meters for accurate billing. It’s just one of the ways we’re making good, better, and generally just giving a damn.

“We are very happy with the professionalism and service that CNG provides, and it’s particularly crucial with such a large multi-site food retailer like Prezzo.”

Neil Bland, Technical Director
Sustainable advantage energy consultancy
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Crazy idea number four

Work with good people

When we say good, we mean really good. Good as in damn fine: excellent, superb, magnificent, exceptional and wonderful. And good as in moral: virtuous, ethical, principled and just sort of nice. So, we work with partners who we rate. People who see things the same way as we do. That’s why we prefer to work with people who share our values, and make customers a priority.

Crazy idea number five

Just do stuff

Our customers are businesses. You’ve got deals to close, hair to style, pizzas to make, contracts to sign, sectors to conquer. Stress balls to squeeze. So, how about making Energy Connections extra flexible and offering a solution that works around customers? One that takes their needs into consideration and wherever possible, goes out of its way to fit in with their schedule? That sounds good, doesn’t it?

Energy Connections

Crazy idea number six

Do the right thing

For us, doing the right thing is all about providing a service that just works for everyone involved. That means making everything seamless for our customers and treating our partners fairly. It’s about going to great lengths to ensure nobody’s on a contract that doesn’t work for them, and having access to transparent pricing and billing with a painless switching process.

Crazy idea number seven

Be happy

Happy people work better and care more. They’re easy and friendly to deal with. A happy workforce results in happy customers and partners. So we invest in ourselves for the benefit of the people we work with. We also invest in our customers. In fact, we won an Outstanding Investors in Customers award. Proud? Us? Totally.


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