Coronavirus Information and Support

Slingby’s Harrogate is an independent coffee shop based in Harrogate. Opening its doors in 2015 it offers quality home-cooked food and great coffee. 

Why CNG?  

Slingsby’s has been a customer since 2015 and stayed with CNG due to our customer first attitude and high customer service levels. We understand that energy should be simple. For small business owners, utilities are not top priority, so business essentials like their energy supply just need to be hassle-free and a fair deal. Slingsby’s found in CNG a supplier that understands their needs and works with them to ensure reliability, stability and ease.

Supporting small businesses through Covid-19

Covid-19 hit many businesses hard, and it was particularly difficult for customers such as Slingsby’s in the retail and hospitality sector.

CNG supply thousands of businesses in this sector. Our comprehensive business continuity plan, prepared prior to lockdown, ensured we were ahead of the curve in supporting customers through this time and most importantly able to maintain the same level of customer service that CNG is proud of.  

The CNG way

CNG proactively contacted all customers to advise them of what to do should they be required to temporarily close. Meter read reminders were sent to all businesses without a smart meter or automatic meter reader to encourage customers to receive accurate bills rather than estimated. CNG kept customers up to date on Government funding available to them and introduced a business partner to support customers with applications to receive the funding. 

“For us it’s about the quality of the service, and that is why we chose CNG. They’re a business who really care. From advice and updates to meter read reminders and incentives, their attention to detail as a company is very good. They make it easier for me to get on and run my business and showed true consideration through this pandemic. Before lockdown they got in touch and suggested providing a meter reading before closing. They kept in contact throughout to ask if I was planning on opening so that made me very aware that they were going above and beyond – even though I am just a small business!”

At CNG, being a part of the wider community has always been important to us. With Slingsby’s being a local business, CNG were also able to support the community by encouraging footfall as cafés re-opened after lockdown.  

“We experienced the challenges of re-opening and not having the same level of custom as we had pre-lockdown. CNG have been so supportive as our energy supplier but also as a local business supporting another. We have been supplying coffees for employees at CNG which has been a real life-line to see us through as business begins to pick back up.”

Andrew Ford, Owner Slingsby’s Harrogate