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Prezzo is a popular chain of nationwide restaurants with more than 200 outlets throughout the UK. Each restaurant has its own unique style and character, from cosy interiors in rural settings through to impressive spaces in listed buildings in major cities. What every restaurant does have in common is its commitment to offering customers a consistently great experience on every visit. To achieve this, the restaurants depend heavily on their gas supply – its reliability, delivery, management and cost.


Prezzo had experienced problems with its gas supply in the past, and the business needed a new reliable supplier that would be cost effective and easy to work with. As a large and busy restaurant brand with a great reputation to protect, gas couldn’t be more critical to Prezzo’s everyday operations. What’s more, with so many restaurants using so much gas on a daily basis, getting a good deal meant a chance to make significant savings in an industry where margins are tight. 


After Prezzo switched to us, the chain quickly discovered we provide a level of professionalism and customer service they’d never had with any other supplier. On top of that, the company was impressed with the experience and competence of our Energy Connections team – a big relief for Prezzo in a sector where delays and downtime can be critical. 

“We are very happy with the professionalism and service that CNG provides, and it's particularly crucial with such a large multi-site food retailer.”

Neil Bland, Technical Director, Sustainable Advantage Energy Consultancy