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My career in the energy industry started around 9 years ago, working my way from an Internal Account Manager to a Business Development Manager at an electricity supply business, before making the move and joining CNG as a BDM in 2014. During my time here I have worked in commercial roles as well as sales, gaining invaluable experience which supports me in the role I am in today.

 My favourite thing about CNG is how we can be extremely adaptable. There is no big offshore parent company looking over us and controlling the reins, leading to slow decision making processes. If something sits right for us and we can physically do it, then we will get it done!

 I am extremely proud to have been part of the rapid growth CNG has experienced over the past few years, and I know that this company has an exciting future ahead with the landscape of energy supply rapidly evolving and changing, and I can’t wait to be a part of it.