Bulk Payments

Using a bulk payments service is a simple and convenient way to make hundreds, or even thousands, of payments in one batch.

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Accurate and timely payments

Ensure your payments are made accurately and on time every month through an automated solution linked with your existing accountancy package. A streamlined process will give you a clear view of all payments leaving your business each month, as well as saving time and even money for your business.


Are you wasting time each month manually sending and reconciling payments?

With our partner's bulk payments solution you can automate your payments and gain control on business outgoings and improve operational efficiency by removing time consuming manual processes. Benefits include reduced payment charges, easily making multiple UK or international payments in one go, and reduced admin to spend time on more important business matters.

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A streamlined process will give you the business insight you need...


Upload a file

Upload and validate your payment list


Payments released

All your reconciled payments are released in one go


Accounts reconciled

File is reconciled to your accounts package

Get accurate and timely payments with our bulk payment service

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