Ei Group

Raising the bar for pub company, thanks to flexibility, competitive rates, and a human approach to customer service


The Ei Group have worked with CNG since 2009, during which time the business has grown from 7,800 leased and tenanted public houses, to 300+ directly managed pubs, an estate of 200+ commercial properties and 4,000 leased and tenanted pubs across England & Wales.

The Challenge

The large volume of sites involved, in such a demanding economic environment, mean that the Ei Group need to work with an innovative and dedicated approach – and need a gas supplier who understands this and can roll with the punches.

The shift in their business model whilst in supply with CNG provided an additional challenge that needed adapting to.

The Solution

Not only did CNG offer a competitive price – which is vital when working with such a large volume of sites – but our adaptability was essential to ensuring business continued to run smoothly during the Ei Group’s business model changeover.

Our people-focussed approach meant that we could really listen and understand the Ei Group’s needs and working processes, and create a tailored offering for how we would work together to make things as easy as possible for them. This dedication to people is fundamental to the level of customer service that we provide, and Mr Wilson says that this really shows and makes a difference across all of areas of the business.

"CNG have always offered competitive pricing combined with a willingness to change, adapt and develop variable solutions that allow for the smooth management of a complex estate of many different business owners."

Andrew Wilson, Business Process Transformation Manager, Ei Group PLC