Red Rocks Nursing Home

Established in 1937, Red Rocks Nursing Home offers the highest standards of professional care and comfort.


Energy is massively important for the running of care facilities like Red Rocks, but it is not something that staff and management want to spend a lot of time and effort managing. In the past, poor customer service and high costs have led them to looking for a new supplier.


After researching many suppliers in the market, Red Rocks chose CNG not only due to the cost benefit, but the high level of customer service we were able to provide. Red Rocks were looking for a supplier that was professional, one that they didn’t have to contact frequently, but was easy enough to speak to should they have any issues.

Our personable and efficient approach meant that we were able to deliver Red Rocks the service that they were looking for, whilst offering a competitive price. Our direct debit payments allowed for ease and we are now also able to offer them a smart meter installation to take away the hassle of submitting monthly meter readings.

“We would have no hesitation in recommending CNG to anyone. They are easy to deal with, professional and efficient. Energy supply is essential to our business, but we don’t want it to be a hassle to manage. For us, a successful supplier is one we don’t have to contact often, and that is what we have with CNG, it ticks along very nicely. We have been with them for seven years now, and are not looking to change suppliers.”