28 September 2018

We’ve recently teamed up with Harrogate-based mental health charity Claro Enterprises to support the expansion of its offering and increase opportunities for its clients.

Claro Enterprises operates as a commercial workshop making goods for businesses and enabling people with long term mental health conditions to function in a voluntary real work environment. Clients have the chance to improve their quality of life, confidence, independence, self-esteem and gain skills, which aims to lead them towards securing meaningful employment.

A huge part of Claro’s work is its production of goods for sale. Knowing that several Claro clients were interested in, and also very adept at producing some incredible woodwork, so Team CNG donated a lathe and tools to further facilitate this new interest and increase revenue streams. 

Jacqui said: “Mental health challenges in all their forms need to become part of our everyday conversations. These are things we could all face and Claro is working tirelessly to reduce stigma and provide meaningful opportunities for people from a variety of backgrounds to gain skills and confidence. We’re delighted to support them as they grow.”  

Owen Jones of Claro Enterprises added: “The lathes have added another dimension to the work we can do at Claro and are engaging a new group of people in woodworking. Clients have already created some fantastic products and demonstrated hidden talents! We are looking forward to connecting with more people through wood turning and helping them to develop new skills.”

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