CNG Insight is launched

2 December 2020

From the German International Football Team at the 2014 World Cup to the introduction of Marcelo Bielsa at Leeds United, data
analytics has been behind many recent success stories in the world of football.

Data analytics is now becoming more integral across all modern sports to support the continuous improvement of player performances and team integrations. Analytics and insight is forming a common pillar in the coaching structure and we are seeing increased investment and budget being allocated to support this area.

Just one example of where analytics has been used to create a change in a sporting team’s performance, was at the 2014 World Cup. Where the German Football Team managed to cut down their average player possession time from 3.4 to 1.1
seconds. This was a critical improvement to the way that they played and was driven by data analysis which helped the players understand that they needed to move the ball faster in their matches. In turn, by doing this, it would increase their chances of winning. This strategy made all the difference when they defeated Brazil 7-1 in the semi-final and then went on to win the World Cup.

As an avid follower of sport, over time I have developed a keen interest in using data to help improve my own personal performance and skills. So, in February, when CNG announced that Data Analytics was to become a permanent delivery pillar as part of the IT function, I was over the moon when the opportunity was presented for me to apply, and to join this exciting journey.

CNG is just one of  many suppliers who are trying to improve its technology offerings as the energy industry attempts to transform itself, and, this month, we launched our first ever Analytics and Insight tool for our passionate colleagues to use as part of their daily jobs. CNG Insight has been introduced with many views and various ways to slice and dice our data to encourage data driven decisions across the business.

Our Insight tool allows users to access a single view of our data for the very first time, where we have managed to bring together multiple sources of data into one place. The views we have built gives our users the ability to look at customer, financial, consumption and billing data in many different analytical ways.

Without a doubt, this is a massive step forward for CNG but be rest assured this is just the start of our data analytics journey and I have no doubts that there is a lot of exciting things to come.

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