CNG Passes One Million-Customer Milestone

13 April 2016

Last month, we supplied gas to more than a million people through our extensive list of some 50,000 customers, and more than one million through our wholesale contracts with other suppliers, who trust CNG as their gas shipper of choice.

We are recognised as the largest independent shipper of gas in the UK, and thanks to a raft of new and renewed deals to ship gas around the network for other suppliers, we’ve achieved major success in the wholesale arena. This, combined with an increasing 5% share of the UK SME energy market, makes our unique position as an all-round gas supplier and shipper stronger than ever.

Our expanding portfolio is testament to the hard work that’s gone into establishing CNG as a real alternative to the ‘big six’ energy suppliers. Our vision of empowering energy users and giving them greater control is coming to life as our customer base continues to grow significantly.

Our record new total of 600 million therms equates to 17.5 billion kilowatts of energy, or – in real-life terms – over 500 billion cups of tea. It makes for an impressive output, especially following our new brand identity, launched earlier this year to gear us up for growth. Under the message of ‘Power Up’, we allow customers both clarity and control when it comes to energy, an ethos that is helping to shape our business for the future.

Chris England, our Financial Director at CNG, said: “Hitting the one million customer mark is a huge achievement for our business. Most people know us as a commercial supplier for SMEs, but we have invested a great deal of time in becoming the chosen shipper for many other suppliers, and this milestone comes as a result of hard work, amazing customer service, and constant drive to offer the best we can to energy users and the industry. We play an integral role in the development of industry competition, and working in the wholesale arena provides multiple opportunities for growth and allows us to deliver our expertise via other providers, some of whom are in the consumer space.”

“We’re all about creating a more diverse energy market, and we relish the opportunity to use what we know to bring new suppliers to market to strengthen competition in the industry. The strength of our offering means we’re perfectly placed to continue growing our business on every level.”

Our unique position as a gas supplier with both a shipper licence and an expert Energy Connections team, means that the business can own and manage the delivery of gas from the national network to individual properties, and give much more control to the business and our customers.

We are excited to build on our unprecedented customer numbers, and continue to deliver impressive growth in terms of shipping and supply volumes during the coming months.

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