CNG Set to Power Up

1 February 2016

Here at CNG, we’re proud to announce the launch of our new strategy, aimed at returning the balance of power to energy users and helping to create a more transparent industry. Having undertaken a comprehensive business and market audit in 2015, we’ve launched an industry-leading commitment to give customers, partners and suppliers more power.

The new strategy will mean a new look and feel for our business, as we launch a raft of support initiatives and measures underlining and amplifying our difference and successes in an industry marred by negativity.

Over the years, we’ve grown to be one of the most trusted service providers in gas supply, with expertise across a whole range of specialisms, including wholesale shipping and energy connections. Our supply business, which deals mainly through third party brokers, has almost 50,000 SME customers on the books. We are also the largest independent shipper of gas in the UK, with contracts to supply gas on behalf of 31 other businesses, representing 800,000 business and household customers. In 2016, we expect to break through the 1m customer mark for combined customer supply.

As we look to grow our supply market share from the current level of 5% of UK SMEs, whilst adding further contracts to our wholesale supply business, the new strategy will be integral.

Our managing director, Jacqui Hall, said: “We’ve always been a bit different to other businesses in our industry and this new strategy is all about celebrating that. Whilst the energy sector as a whole has a reputation for being complicated, expensive and clunky at best, our customers have told us that they appreciate our difference. We realised through speaking to a whole range of the people we come into contact with every day, that customers were all too often being let down by their suppliers. What CNG does, for our SME target audience, is not only deliver their energy, but give them power. The power to control their energy bills and the power to get on with their day job.”

“Power Up will be a new ethos for our business, and it will run through everything we do: from our relationships with direct customers, brokers to our dealings in the wider industry. This idea of giving users greater control and transparency over their energy is an incredibly powerful one, and our ambition is to highlight that difference in order to help our business grow.”

Power Up launched on 1st February and will be a consistent theme throughout the CNG business, from our visual identity (including website, business materials and social media) through to how we deal with customers and partners. We will introduce a business support programme later this year, aimed at helping brokers to deliver this proposition. There will also be a major education initiative, as we release a series of lesson plans aimed at educating KS2 students about the importance of energy in their daily lives.

As a business, we will look to further define our broker proposition by working with like-minded businesses to give customers more power. We also hope to significantly increase our SME market share, whilst seeking out new opportunities for infrastructure projects through our expert Energy Connections team.

We really are in a unique position: as a supplier with a gas shipper licence, and an expert Energy Connections team, we can own and manage the delivery of gas from the national network to individual properties, giving much more control both to us and to our customers.

Jacqui adds: “This really is just the start for us. We’ve always been known for industry-leading customer service and now we’re really going to shout about this connection with our customers and all our partners. The next 12 months are already looking incredibly exciting for the business, with the imminent launch of an electricity offer for our SME customers, which will bring our unique service to a broader market and launch new opportunities. It’s an exciting journey ahead and we’re ready to take the next steps to growth.

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