CNG tops National League Table for Energy Supplier Performance

16 October 2017

Devised by Citizen’s Advice, the quarterly rankings are based on the ability of suppliers – in this instance for non-domestic supply – to effectively handle and resolve complaints. The newly released figures focus on performance from April to June, in which CNG beat the Big Six for its ability to quickly and efficiently deal with complaints from energy users. The Harrogate based business climbed from third place in the previous table (January-March 2017).

The league is based on a weighted system, where types of complaint are assigned a value and measured against the company’s total number of customers, resulting in a ratio per 10,000 users, which can then be used to compare suppliers. CNG has historically scored well in the table, thanks to its promise to provide customers with an honest and fair service, consistently placing in the top three.

CNG has a long history of tackling mistrust in the industry and the poor perceptions of energy suppliers. Through its Power Up philosophy, the business promises to be ‘bigger than profit’ by concentrating on providing excellent customer service, throughout its operations.

CNG MD Jacqui Hall said: “We’d love to get to a position where there are zero complaints, but when they do occur, it’s fantastic to see we’re amongst the best at resolving them.”

“What this league table tells us is that we are leading our sector when handling complaints on those rare occasions they do happen. We find that the customers who are met with a swift and suitable resolution often go on to be the best brand advocates. This is credit to our team, all of whom are incredibly passionate about delivering the very best for our customers.”

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