CNG's Response to Dermot Nolan: Putting Power in the Hands of Customers

20 May 2016

With the needs of our customers at the forefront of our mind, the CNG philosophy has always centred around getting the best for them, and this is how we put that into words.

I read with interest the opinions of Dermot Nolan, Chief Executive of Ofgem about putting “power in the hands of consumers” (Business, May 4). Having known the energy market for two decades, we’ve come to understand energy users (both business and domestic) crave power. Whereas once energy was empowering and even exciting (bringing light, heat and comfort), it has now become a chore and at an extreme, something to be feared. A fear propagated by an industry that has lost its way. It’s all very well calling for “empowerment”, but the industry needs to take a lead.

It’s encouraging to see more independent suppliers come into the market (now approaching 14% of supply), but more needs to be done to facilitate this. At present, Ofgem are calling for the fix, without putting the tools in place to help it along.

And CNG will continue to fight for more to be done for our customers, whether that’s fairer pricing, better customer service or more efficient solutions, the power is with the industry to do good, and become a better place for all.

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