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We're different. And it shows in the service given to our customers. We enjoy ourselves. We work hard because we want to. We care about each other and we care about being better at what we do. We strive for honesty, openness and fairness in everything we turn our hands to.

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Energy Trading Analyst

Data, analysis and customer service; we are looking for a super hero who can do all three! The trading team, here at CNG, have a diverse number of responsibilities and work closely with our sales team and with our wholesalers and brokers.

This team handle a vast array of data so a careful and accurate approach is required, alongside an analytical mind. A firm grasp of the CNG values will help you shine in this role; we need someone who can WOW and have fun with Data!

If numbers, complex queries and spreadsheets are your forte then this could be the role for you!

Responsibilities include;
• Reporting on monthly portfolio data for use in the management KPIs.
• Producing reports on agent performance to assist the Sales Development Team.
• Reviewing and revising our base rates, variable rates and our of contract rates to ensure they remain fair.
• Transportation cost updates.
• Completing matrix price comparisons.
• Producing and interrogating data on an adhoc basis
• Assisting the sales team where required

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Solution Developer

We’re looking for a Solution Developer to WOW in our IT team! This role requires a great communicator who can not only provide assistance in technical and software architecture planning and design but, also provide support and maintenance to existing .NET and legacy CNG applications. We’re looking for someone who is self-motivated and has an active interest in current development trends and tools. This is a busy team so the ability to manage tasks to meet multiple deadlines is imperative.

If you have the core values of Fair, Care, Open, Honest, Fun and WOW then send your application in today!

Key responsibilities include;
- Assist with the development of software applications using a broad range of software development tools and techniques.
- Work closely with Senior Solution Developers to help build robust, fit for purpose software architectures, utilising best practise techniques e.g. test driven development and code reuse.
- Provide business as usual support for existing CNG applications, including ongoing development of Equinox 4GL applications.
- Follow CNG best practise methodologies for managing the development lifecycle from project initiation through to software release and version control
- Provide support and input to technical and software architecture planning and design.

Key development experience includes (but is not limited to) C#, ASP.NET / MVC / JQuery / Bootstrap, SQL Server, web development (HTML, Javascript, CSS)

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The CNG Values

The CNG Values

“CNG became my family nearly seven years ago now. After working in other companies it’s easy to say CNG truly is unique and an amazing place to work. We have a family oriented culture; we support, appreciate, and care for each other always. I began my career at CNG working in Admin Support; CNG gave me various opportunities over the years to gain experience within different teams which lead to becoming a Team Leader.”

Saski Smith

Meet our people

Find out what CNG people like about working here

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“When I joined CNG, the first thing I noticed was how welcoming everyone was. You could be forgiven for thinking a company as successful would be more corporate, and while the professionalism is here, the welcome is much warmer than anywhere else I have experienced.

Despite consistent growth over the last three years spent here, the same honest, open-door policy applies. I can’t imagine there are many multi-million pound companies where the Managing Director still personally hands every employee their pay slip.

One of the most impressive things about CNG is the opportunity for further growth and development. I have benefited from this directly, having moved into a new team moving to the Trading team and creating a thorough Personal Development Plan.”

Nick Harper

“I love working at CNG because they don’t just say they are a people business they demonstrate it by thinking about staff first with every decision taken. We are made to feel included and truly appreciated throughout every success they enjoy. They recognise that their staff ARE the business and so invest in us accordingly.

As an example when staff members need support the attitude of the directors is ‘how can we help’ and they will often go to great lengths to do so. Through this they gain loyalty that sees an exceptionally low staff turnover which I believe is the key to our success.

The values are real and lived every day and ensuring we live by them is always put before profit. I wouldn't want to work anywhere else.”

Vanessa Bentley