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Making Energy Work For You

We believe that British businesses want more than energy…you want power too. So our job is to help you get the control you need to ensure your gas supply helps you thrive. That means saving money, cutting your emissions and making sure your gas supply works on your terms.

We’re also here to help you reduce the amount of energy you use everyday. Here are four expert tips that could help you cut your bills and take control.


Energy Saving Tips

Get a green guru.

Nominate someone in your company to be responsible for energy savings. Encourage them to look for ways to improve efficiency, communicate with colleagues and encourage change.

Knowledge is power.

It’s a great idea to understand your usage. When you know how much you are using and when, you can get a better grasp on how much energy your business is using at different times and work out if improvements can be made. AMR is a great way of getting this data.

Power to the people.

With a little bit of encouragement, staff are usually more than happy to find ways to save energy that you might not think or know about.

Hot on temperatures.

It’s easy to forget about the obvious stuff, but by keeping an eye on the temperature at different times of year and adjusting the thermostat promptly, you can make huge energy savings.

Meanwhile, we’ll be doing our bit too

Of course, you’ve got a business to run. So we’ll do everything possible to help make energy work for you.

  • We monitor your usage and if we spot anything out of the ordinary we’ll get in touch to make you aware of the change. That way we can work together to rectify any problems.
  • You’ll have access to our UK-based team to help you with any questions or issues you might have.
  • We offer genuine one-to-one account management so you always have named contact who understands your business and its energy usage.
  • Last but not least, we encourage the use of Automated Meter Readers. AMR can help your business get right on top of your gas usage with minimal effort from you. Learn more.