Energy connections sets CNG on new path

5 January 2016

The plans will be aided by the senior appointment of a new Energy Connections Business Development Manager, Tim Carroll, who brings extensive industry knowledge to the role and will lead a new direction for the team.

Whereas CNG’s core business has traditionally been on the supply of gas to customers (and its shipment around the network), Energy Connections physically connects customers to their power supply. This may include work such as the installation of new metering equipment within a building, or contracts to fit gas connections to a new factory, housing development or community. Whilst Energy Connections has been part of CNG’s offer for a number of years, it has grown its reach and reputation within the industry for providing excellent customer service. As such, CNG have identified the opportunity for significant organic growth and a route to new business.

CNG’s trusted team of experts work closely with architects, designers, developers and contractors in order to install equipment that delivers energy (both electricity and gas) to a range of end users. Through working closely with customers, brokers and contractors when fitting equipment, CNG are able look after their customers’ needs from initial contact, testing and installation, through to metering, billing and shipping – one of a handful operators to offer this complete service.

Jacqui Hall, Managing Director at CNG, said: “Energy Connections can be viewed as the nuts and bolts of getting an energy supply into a business, home or community and it’s something we’ve been helping customers achieve for a number of years. Energy is vital for every business and we do this in a way that works around the customer, giving them the confidence to know they’ll be connected on time, in a way that suits them, for a fair price. Realistically, it’s often beside the point how good other parts of energy businesses claim to be, as without getting the connection itself right – there is no supply.”

“What we provide is excellence across all areas, and we’ve applied this thinking to Energy Connections. As such, we’re very excited about the opportunity it presents for CNG. Whilst we’re proud of our successes to date, we’re confident we can make a real name for ourselves in this specialist area, by doing things differently to the industry norm.”

CNG will be targeting customer segments such as house building, hospitality, architecture, engineering, commercial construction, fuel conversions and a variety of end users. With a number of high-profile contracts won over the last 12 months, CNG attribute the successes to the consistent delivery of a quality service, which puts the customer first.

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