AMR and Smart Meters

Make manual readings and estimated bills a thing of the past and gain greater insight into your energy usage with a smart meter. The future of the British energy market is set to be cleaner, greener, and smarter, and smart meters will play a huge part in that.



AMR stands for ‘automated meter reader’. It is a device that sends your meter reading to your supplier automatically. This saves you time – as you don’t have to manually take and submit a reading – while giving more accurate bills based on your actual usage rather than relying on estimates.



Similarly to AMRs, smart meters will automatically send a reading to your supplier. However, communication from AMRs is only one-way; sending the reading to the supplier, whereas with smart meters, there is two-way communication, so the supplier can communicate with the meter remotely. The latest generation of smart meters, known as SMETS2, allow you to switch suppliers, and your smart meter will continue to work with the new supplier.

Why you should have a smart meter...


additional cost

No additional cost to you for the installation


customers have AMR

Over a quarter of our customers have an automated meter reader


deadline for smartmeters

UK government ambition for all customers to have smart meters


of meters are already smart

Nearly half of energy meters in Great Britain are already smart

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