A simpler supply for your business gas

In an industry that feels increasingly complicated, it can be hard to know which gas supplier to choose. At CNG, we have decades of experience supplying gas to businesses of all sizes.

We do more than just supply energy, we have solutions to give your business power.

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years in the business

Decades of expertise right here at your fingertips

Over 45,000

business customers

From small start-ups to large corporates that trust us to meet their business needs


customer focus

Our award-winning team always put you first

1.5 million

meter points

We've supplied meter points nationwide


Why switch to CNG as your gas supplier?

We have experience supplying energy to a wide range of businesses, from SMEs through to the large national chains, so we know what energy challenges your business faces and how to support you through them.

We aim to answer any questions within one call, by one person, so you’re not passed from pillar to post endlessly being transferred between teams and put on hold. We answer the phone in less than a minute, so you won’t be waiting around for someone to help you.


What do we offer?

We guarantee fully fixed prices so you know exactly what you’ll be paying, a choice of contract lengths of 1, 2, 3, or 4 years to suit you and your business needs, and a UK-based team that are here for any queries you may have.

We do more than supply energy, we have solutions to give your business power.

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Energy supply

Energy supply

No matter your business size, we can support you with your business energy needs.

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Green gas

Green gas

Cleaner and greener gas to help the planet and improve your business’ sustainability credentials.

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AMR and Smart Meters

AMR and Smart Meters

Already a CNG customer? Save time on manual readings and get more accurate bills with a free smart meter.

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