Green gas

Looking to be more sustainable but not sure where to start? Switching to a renewable energy supply for your business is a simple first step to take to reduce your carbon footprint and improve your company’s sustainable credentials.

Cleaner and greener gas to help the planet and improve your business’ sustainability.


Backed by certificates

Certificates through the Green Gas Certification Scheme


Contracts to suit you

12 or 24 month contract lengths


Choose how much of your usage is green

25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of your usage can be covered by green gas


Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability with green gas

Also known as bio-gas or renewable gas, green gas works in the same way as natural gas which is currently more widely used so you won’t notice a difference to your supply. However, green gas is produced as a result of the breakdown of organic matter like food waste, crops or animal waste, meaning it’s much more sustainable as it isn’t reliant on fossil fuels, and it emits a lot fewer harmful gases when it’s burnt too.


How do I prove I use green gas?

The gas that directly supplies your premises won’t necessarily be green gas as it all gets mixed together once it’s in the pipes, but the amount of gas purchased and injected into the network will match your usage. This is backed up with Renewable Gas Guarantee of Origin (RGGO) certificates. We purchase our certificates from a number of different producers that have signed up to the traced and validated green gas certification scheme, meaning that by purchasing the RGGOs you are supporting a UK business such as farms or waste services, supporting vital areas within the UK economy.


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