Growing the right way

14 November 2018

CNG is no stranger to rapid growth. When we started, our primary focus was changing the industry through great customer experience, and although we couldn’t have imagined the scale or pace of our expansion, we knew we wanted to retain our values and inherent CNG-ness. In the latest edition of Yorkshire Vision, we explain how businesses can retain what makes them special as they expand.

So, what does successful growth look like? For a business built on quality customer service, it means keeping standards high while navigating new territory, but this can be challenging. It’s important not to scrimp, but think how profit can be used effectively. Re-invest it into your people or culture, because happy staff do better work, and training them to help handle their growing responsibilities and evolving teams and challenges is vital.

Consider whether your business can handle increased output with the infrastructure in place. Can your broadband capacity, IT, website and phone systems cope with increased traffic and workload? Customers aren’t willing to be kept waiting, they demand reliability and easy and effective communication, if you fail to provide this, you risk compromising the reputation you’ve worked hard on, and this could also impact staff morale.

We’ve invested heavily in our IT systems and dedicated Customer Service teams, enabling them to go above and beyond and get the job done, ensuring everyone is happy. We recognised energy users value the personal touch, so we always promised a person on the end of the phone, and despite significant business growth, we’ve opted not to employ automated services to keep that promise.

If your business vision, mission and values remain the same, you must ensure your quality of service does too. Try to pre-empt challenges and pain points; listen to staff and customers and jump on that feedback to keep things running smoothly.

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