How customer service training allowed us to adapt quickly to remote working

5 May 2020


Over the recent months we have been faced with situations we never could’ve imagined. The world of business looks a very different place now, and although nobody could be fully prepared for this silent enemy, at CNG we believe the training put in place allowed us to adapt quickly to these changes and still deliver the same high level of customer service we always have.

Customer service is something we take very seriously, so believe it is vital to invest heavily in training our employees from the moment they join the team with our 8 week training plan.

Building Relationships

Our Customer Experience leadership team emphasise the importance of encouraging new colleagues to get to know the team and find their feet in the first few weeks. This enables them to build relationships and become more comfortable asking for help should they need it, in turn helping the customer get a result quicker and more efficiently. Although it may be harder now we are working remotely, (we can’t just lean over and ask a question!) all our team are confident enough to call for help should they so need as a result of this.

Alongside this, now they can’t see have their regular team weekly meeting, they have been communicating daily through Whatsapp – this allows them to keep abreast of the latest updates across the company and ask any questions they may have – morning, noon and night!


Most people who join our team don’t have previous experience within the industry, so building their knowledge is really important. When they join, as well as the training within the team, they have a two week induction process where they learn all about industry, the history of Gas and where CNG fits in the Industry. As well as this, they are trained on the types of call they may receive and the systems they will be using and how they work in conjunction with one another, the more confident they are and the more knowledge they have – the more they can assistant the customer, simple!

It doesn’t stop there though; once they have completed this training, our in house Customer Experience Trainer, Alice, works extremely hard to create training guides to help with taking knowledge to the next level. Meaning we are forever improving the level of service we give to our customer.

Cross Training

The cross training of employees has proven itself to be hugely beneficial. Cross training has allowed them to develop their own knowledge and therefore enables them to answer and solve a diverse range of queries quickly and efficiently – or know who to call on if they can’t. This has been especially important for us whilst remote working, a large number of employees across different teams within the business have cross trained on our Customer Experience help desk and vice versa, allowing them to have the confidence in covering other roles should we need in order to meet the customer’s needs.

Customer service has and always will be at the heart of our business, so we’ve spent years perfecting how we train our new starters to give them all the tools they need to give exceptional customer service. Working with Putting the Customer First and rated Outstanding by Investors in Customers, over the years we have redefined the energy experience for thousands of end users through better service, clarity and education.  We believe this is what has helped hold us in good stead to adapt to the ‘new normal’ of remote working and tackle this crisis head on. #PowerThroughAdversity


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