How We're Going Hybrid

27 August 2021

Post Pandemic Life at CNG

It’s no secret that we’re a people-first business – from team members to customers, we believe in creating a working model that serves all of our stakeholders, nurtures their strengths and works for everyone! 

In a previous post, we talked about the challenges of making a 200+ person business remote overnight when the pandemic hit, and we’re proud of how our business – and most importantly – our people, stood up to the challenges of the last 18 months. 

As the world opens up, we find ourselves in the same boat as a lot of organisations, seeking the very best way to navigate a return to work, for those that want it, a robust hybrid model for whom that is best and remote working for our vulnerable team members whose ability to work from home has been a major positive for them in recent months. 


People first

The first thing we knew we needed to do was ask our people – if they’re not happy, no business model will work effectively. So, here’s a few of the ways we’re accommodating varied needs to get back to the office: 

  • Engagement surveys – simply asking what suits our teams and their working style
  • Compiling data and feedback to help us with strategy and planning
  • Allowing team leaders to use this data and feedback to mould their future working style to suit their teams
  • Offering training to managers to help them navigate a hybrid team 
  • Continuing to offer wellbeing check ins, access to support services and regular catch ups to monitor how everyone is doing. 

Facilitating change

As well as listening to our people and offering enhanced flexibility, we are also investing in making sure those at home and in the office have the tools and support they need to work efficiently and happily. 

This covers investment in IT facilities and equipment for those in and out of the office, and redesigning our office space so people who are coming in feel safe, confident and comfortable (with extra space, quiet zones and more). 


Customer benefits 

Our customers have been at the heart of this process too – because happy people do their best work, so by empowering our people, we’re maintaining the quality of service we know our customers expect.

We’ve all adapted in recent months and we feel like this new approach and hybrid model sets us up as a business of the future. With extra flexibility we can broaden our offering to employees, recruit from further afield and grow without outgrowing our current space. Great service as standard, just with desks in a few more places! 

If you have any queries or questions about how CNG is working, please contact your account manager today!

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