Are you getting the best deal from your energy broker?

Brokers play a vital role in meeting customer needs to serve as impartial advisors finding the energy supplier (and price) that’s right for each business. However, this isn’t always the case… and people wonder why our industry is plagued with a reputation of mistrust?!

With a lack of transparency or regulation, some brokers take advantage of lucrative payment terms offered by suppliers for their own gain and growth. More and more often suppliers are making themselves look increasingly attractive to brokers by offering substantial cash advances for an agreed number of contracts, or paying commissions in full upfront. As a result of this, customers can be the victim of an unfair deal as brokers are enticed by the supplier with the best commission terms, not the best deal for the customer.

Supplier with attractive commission wins. Broker wins. Customer pays the price.

At CNG we believe in doing the right thing. We have built our business on fair principles that ensure the customer is at the heart of everything we do. This means the customer isn’t duped into choosing a deal that might not be best for them. Our aim? Great service at a reasonable price. Simple. So, we hold ourselves accountable as a business for the brokers we work with; and pride ourselves on building strong relationships with the right partners so we are all working in the interest of number 1 … the Customer!