Brighter brokers for a brighter industry

Fairness is one of the values we pride ourselves on. And when it comes to relationships, it’s a theme that runs right through the process – from grid to meter. So it’s only natural that fairness is a trait we look for when we’re working with our brokers.

In gas supply, brokers have a vital and valuable role to play. It’s not a case of ‘us and them’ between suppliers and brokers, as some outside the industry might assume. Customers can see benefit from the various links in the chain, working for their common good. And at the end of the day, that’s what this is all about – the customer.

We’re proud to say that we’ll only work with the good brokers and with the brokers who do good things. This extends to us not doing business with the ones we don’t agree with. We’ve set out our stall as a principled supplier, for modern businesses.

Of course, as with any sector, there can be a few bad apples. But we feel that the best way we can help shape an industry, which let’s face it, has had more than its fair share of bad press, is to encourage the good that exists and help effect change from within. Our experience shows us that customers want someone they can trust (no surprise there then) but more than that, they want to work with businesses that work in the right ways and do the right things.

So what’s wrong with simply ‘doing the right thing’? If we’re fair to brokers and brokers are fair to their customers, surely that’s the best of all worlds? Do we need more consultations and lengthy documents to tell us to do something we all should be doing already?

Of course, fairness is a collaborative effort. There’s no point in that being a one-way road. That’s why we work on initiatives that treat our brokers as trusted partners, such as not cutting them out at renewal, and ensuring payment terms to suit their business.

‘Honesty and fairness’ are words we see replicated throughout our industry, whether that be calls from Ofgem, or advertising campaigns from the biggest names in energy. But in reality, fairness is about so much more than trying to pull in more customers. We like to think of ourselves as ‘bigger than profit’. That will naturally come as a product of great customer service, and as such, the word ‘fair’ should be woven into the very fabric of what we offer.