Building greener business

As a nation, we’re becoming increasingly aware of environmental concerns, and as the impact of the damage that’s already been done becomes more evident, people are beginning to consider how they can help effect change. However, a recent survey of 500 businesses has revealed that astoundingly, many UK business owners are not taking action to become greener.

The survey showed that 31% of business owners are not taking measures to make their office greener, and 18% said they do not consider energy efficiency when purchasing new equipment. Even more worryingly, 67% of employees felt their employers are not taking measures to make the workplace more eco-friendly.

As individuals and as a business we are aware that we need to make a change, a change for a more sustainable, greener future. How can we expect our customers to be green, if we can’t be green ourselves? The first step in our journey was to monitor our carbon footprint and with a good understanding of this, we were capable of improvement.  We achieved this by ensuring our waste is diverted away from landfill and is instead recycled, reused and burnt for energy use. This simple step has reduced our carbon footprint by almost 20%.

As our industry grows and our knowledge improves, it is clear that we cannot continue to put our environment at risk. We think it is crucial that energy suppliers proactively help and encourage consumers to make the necessary changes towards sustainability, providing advice on how to reduce energy bills and usage by improving efficiency.

As we make the move into the electricity market, we will make it our promise to ensure we cater for businesses who want a sustainable energy supply, beginning our journey into renewables. Our first venture into sustainable energy will take place in the near future, already having provided the energy solutions for an eco-school project in Leeds, powering the innovative new school through solar energy.

In 2018, we will commence our roll out of smart meters. This will provide the perfect opportunity for us to work with our engineers to deliver tailored knowledge, we will use to help businesses to re-evaluate and improve their energy usage.

It’s believed that becoming more sustainable is expensive, however something often overlooked is that in many cases, the returns that can be made by increased sustainability can often outweigh the costs. Businesses could also reduce the cost of their energy bills by 18-25% by taking energy efficiency measures, and 30% of those measures require no capital costs.

The renewables sector is relatively new in the grand scheme of things. Yes, wind power has been around for centuries but as an industrial concept, it is very new. We understand that an important part of the process is education. There needs to be a better understanding of the importance of green energy and the vital part that businesses have to play. The more we can educate people, the more they will want to know about what they can do to help, and how their energy company can enable them to make positive changes.

Becoming a more sustainable business need not be time consuming or costly, and any measures we can take towards sustainability are a small price to pay to ensure the welfare and protection of our environment. Even a small step in the right direction can make a huge difference – your change matters.