Could your cyber security be under threat due to Coronavirus?

In these uncertain times, we may feel more vulnerable than ever – not only from the virus itself, but by the criminals who are taking advantage of it to target individuals, industries and businesses.

According to INTEPOL, an international organization that facilitates worldwide police cooperation and crime control, cyber crime has seen a sharp increase in the last 12 months.

With scams, phishing emails and an increase in new malicious domains it can be hard to differentiate between legitimate emails or sites and spam.

Among these scams, a phishing attack has also been reported – using fake text messages, emails and phone calls stating that the receiver has been identified as being close to an infected person. These link to malicious sites which will invite them to share personal information so details can be used to commit identity fraud. In addition, there have been reports that some people are being asked to pay for a test pack and provide credit card details.

What are the risks for businesses?

Criminals are taking advantage of the fact that the majority of the workplace is now home working therefore more likely to open an email that looks to be from the business. We are seeing higher than usual levels of emails, claiming to be things such as updates from the CEO and important Coronavirus information.

How can you support your employees and protect your business?


Educate! It’s so important to make your employees aware of the rise in phishing emails and share examples on what they could receive. Ask them to be extra vigilant, and to not open anything that they think looks a bit suspicious, and if they do receive anything to send it on to the team who is managing cyber security. It may be worth setting up a specific way of communicating, so that employees know that any information received that way is safe.

Perimeter Security

It is important to invest in and configure perimeter security that catches anything remotely suspicious! You can then manage the emails those that are spam and those that aren’t – better to be extra safe than sorry!


With more employees working from home at this time, make sure they use a secure VPN to connect to the work environment and that your employees are aware of security considerations.

At CNG the safety of our employee and customer data is paramount, so we are doing all we can to try and ensure we are safe from cyber-attacks and educating all of our employees so that they have the knowledge to spot and report them if one does slip through the net.