Culture first' profit later!

It’s Yorkshire Vision time again and in this edition we took a good look at one of our favourite topics, culture – what it is, what makes a good one and why it has to be put before profit. Yes, really!

We say this all the time here at CNG HQ, but our people are our business; there’s no denying that without our amazing people, we’re nothing. This is something we wish more businesses would remember. No matter what great ideas you have, or how many brains sit around the boardroom table, if you don’t invest time in talking to your people, chatting through aims and making sure they feel valued, then the profit and growth won’t happen anyway!

Happy people do the best work; ‘positive culture means improved performance’. It’s not rocket science, like with our crazy ideas, we just want to take the pain away from everything, and creating a strong culture is no different. Culture is the thoughts, feelings and behaviours within your team and like anything worth doing, creating an impactful, positive one is way more than a box ticking exercise, it takes a lot of work!

There’s no way to fake it, a positive, inclusive and supportive culture goes far beyond the four walls of the office. Your culture impacts everyone you interact with – in our case that’s customers, our brokers and third parties, and of course, the communities we work in. It’s what you become synonymous with.

You have to ask yourself the difficult questions and be ready to make changes. Are our teams happy? Are our customers happy? If not, why not? It starts with your people because how they feel when they pick up the phone matters, but it’s more than that.

Our culture is focused on our ‘Power Up’ philosophy – empowering everyone we work with through clarity, simplicity and education too. Our values of Fun, Fair, Care, Open, Honest and WOW support this, as does the fact CNG-ers are engaged in everything we do, we all feed into goals, so we share accountability for CNG’s successes.

We also invest beyond the ‘essentials’ to nurture our team as people with their own lives and interests – social events, treats, training, flexibility and understanding are all key. No one is a number and no one is expected to put work before the rest of their lives! Same for customers; we hand power back to them so they feel heard and are happy to focus on what really matters – energy should be simple and well-managed.

Put simply, we think businesses should be places people are proud to work, to work with and are happy to recommend. We all need to be bigger than profit, because if you get the rest right, profit won’t be far behind! We think profit should be seen as a consequence of truly living your values and getting things right for people.