Customer care must come first

There’s been a lot of discussion recently about what should be done in order to protect the nation’s energy users. For years we’ve heard about how businesses and households are being charged far too much for their energy supply, how energy users are being left in the dark and could be getting a better deal.

Both the government and Ofgem have been in discussions about what can be done to remedy these problems, with talks about consumer energy price caps and Ofgem’s moves to help energy users get onto a better deal. Each stakeholder has a different opinion about the best way to help, but one thing we can all agree on is that measures must be taken to ensure that we’re looking out for those who need a helping hand.

Although CNG are a commercial gas supplier, we understand that we have a duty to all energy users, and our industry. That’s why we promise to be there for our customers, ensuring they’re happy with their supply, pricing, as well as the service and support they receive. At CNG, we put the customer first, and we’re proud to set a standard to which other suppliers both domestic and commercial can measure themselves.

Over the years, our industry has gained a terrible reputation for a lack of transparency, unfairness and a disregard for the customer. This is something that we’ve worked hard to change and is summed up by our ‘Power Up’ initiative, through which we address our commitment to doing right by our customers. We’re committed to encouraging others in the industry to follow suit.

Our team is there to make sure that our customers are happy. The customer welcome team contact new customers to ensure they feel they’re on the tariff that suits their needs and to provide them with information so that they have complete understanding of their deal. We want to give our customers peace of mind, so they know we have their best interests at heart. It’s our belief that energy suppliers should be there for the benefit of customers, not the other way around.

Another way we look out for our customers is by offering our blend and extend deal, allowing customers to extend their contract at a fair price, giving them security and peace of mind. As well as this, our credit control department works on a case-by-case basis, and if any of our customers are struggling to make payments, we provide useful advice, and work with them to put a payment plan in place to help them stay on top of their bills.

If, unfortunately, payment plans do not work and we reach the point where meter removal is our only option, we will still work closely with the customer and if a sufficient payment is made, even while we’re on site, we will cancel that removal. Finances can be a big strain for businesses, and often, energy prices can be a big part of their outgoing costs, so it’s vital that we can help them as much as possible.

It’s a sad fact that not enough is being done to promote a better understanding of the energy industry. As a supplier, we’re in a position where we can really help customers through education, understanding and transparency. Every supplier should realise the duty they have to their customers, and act accordingly, so we can improve the industry and do the right thing by extending a helping hand to those who really need it.