Data investment to boost capabilities

We’re proud to announce we’ve partnered with business intelligence and data analytics software specialists and fellow Yorkshire company, Panintelligence, to boost and optimise our buying capabilities here at CNG.

Over the last few years, we’ve invested heavily in our IT infrastructure to boost our call handling and service levels, but we recognise that to truly remain a leader in our sector, we need to enhance our use of data analytics. This will bolster our decision making, gas purchasing and risk management strategies, and of course, mean we’re even better equipped to help our customers.

Panintelligence’s Pi software will enable us to generate bespoke reports and visualise trends in real time, optimising the way data is used and providing strategic insights.

Chris Henderson, who heads up our newly formed data analytics team, said: “Working with Panintelligence, a fantastic Yorkshire company, is a game changer for us. We were previously using laborious methods of compiling reports, which were time consuming and difficult to generate, so that we weren’t able to really exploit and use our own data in a strategic way.

“Now with the new Pi platform, although we are just at the start of our data analytics journey, the dashboards provide us with a real-time, clear view of all types of data, with the integrity and security of role-based access inbuilt.”

He added: “In times of accelerated volatility in the oil and gas markets it is incredibly reassuring to have a raft of tools which will inform us on purchasing strategies that make best sense for our clients.”

Panintelligence CEO Zandra Moore said: “We are really excited to be working with CNG and looking forward to sharing their journey to fully realising the power of data analytics for their business.”