Diversity and inclusion at CNG

The black lives matter movement has initiated lots of significant and necessary conversations about racism, not only around the world but within CNG too.  It has also caused us to consider other aspects of diversity and inclusion.

At CNG, we have always welcomed diversity and we see it as a source of great strategic strength.  Our organisation is built on a purpose of helping customers, partners, and our own people to flourish.  We know that we wouldn’t be able to do that without a diverse and inclusive workplace.  Diversity brings a richer professional and life experience.  These different perspectives allow creativity to flourish and provide access to a broad range of skills and talent.  Diversity ensures that our business decisions are based on a variety of different views and perspectives, and our whole team can learn and develop from each other too.

We encourage diversity at all levels of the business and our senior leadership team is made up of a diverse mix of gender, age and ethnicity.  But we want to do more. This is an important time to reflect, as individuals, as an employer, and as a member of the wider community, on what we can do to play our part in building an inclusive and just society for all.

We will continue to have important conversations about diversity and inclusion, and we will continue take feedback in order to build a culture and workplace that is inclusive for everyone.  We are learning, and will carry on doing all we can to ensure that we do better.