Everyone deserves a fair' transparent energy deal

In a recent piece for the Guardian, it was revealed many brokers are under investigation for mis-selling, misinforming and therefore mistreating customers. This was especially true of SMEs, charities and care home businesses, who are finding themselves locked into poor contracts which are not fit for their needs and will cost them over the odds for substandard service.

While disappointing, this may not be entirely surprising – the energy industry as a whole has been dogged by its reputation for sidelining customer need and quality service for years. Our entire business is based on the idea that energy should not be taxing, complicated or stressful – consumers and businesses need information, choice and service levels that meet their needs.

We believe in making energy work for everyone and for the last 25 years we’ve been championing reform and putting the customer first. As the industry has evolved, so have the methods, tools and resources to make that possible. Third Party Intermediaries (TPIs) are an absolutely crucial part of the energy industry and our business, and as such, how they work, sell and represent us in a busy marketplace, matters.

We hold ourselves accountable as a business for not only how we work, but who we work with; our TPIs/brokers are chosen for their service standards, their approach, their ability to understand our business and show an understanding of and synergy with our values and endeavour to work with the best partners.

Here’s the full piece: