Going against the grain with excellent customer service

The past year has seen some epic changes in the energy supply industry. Here at CNG, we’re excited to see more and more SME customers choosing independent suppliers for their fuel needs. Across business and consumer, during the past year, the Big Six lost a massive 660,000 customers, with smaller energy companies gaining 860,000. And we just can’t ignore all those zeroes. So as independent suppliers’ share of the SME gas market rises by 50% this year alone, we are constantly bettering ourselves and doing right by our customers. Providing service excellence is in our blood, sweat and tears, but we’re always striving for better.

No one wants to spend valuable hours of the day hanging around as they’re put on hold for the millionth time – not least SMEs who undoubtedbly have better things to do. We understand that customers simply can’t afford to waste time speaking to a robot who can’t understand their needs. That’s why we guarantee that when you call us, you’ll be talking to a real, bona-fide human being within a matter of seconds.

Recent Cornwall Energy data cited poor customer service as the main reason for so many customers deciding to abandon the Big Six. And it’s fair to say our industry has that reputation. We’ve seen that customers are reticent to get on the phone for fear of how they’ll be treated and handled by our industry. That’s wrong. And with our values of honesty, openness, and fairness running through the heart of CNG, we’re in a great position to offer the alternative. We ‘wow’ our customers with our ability to deliver a seamless service, and we always treat the customer as boss.

We know that our customer service is good, and being recognised for this is really important to us too. We use the Net Promoter Score (NPS) as a tool to assess how we’re doing. It uses a very simple scoring system to judge how likely a customer is to recommend a particular company or service, making it an extremely important indicator. Our 3 month rolling average (of 26 points) is well above what’s normal for our sector – it shows we’re striving for service excellence, but we want to take it one step further. We believe that customer service shouldn’t be restricted by sector – why shouldn’t you expect the same standard of service from your energy supplier as from your local supermarket or restaurant? Energy has long been seen as an untrustworthy industry, but at CNG, we feel like customers deserve better.

We want to be known as a customer excellence champion, and we’re well on our way to achieving our ambitious targets to be recognised alongside true customer service champions. We serve our customers with clarity and honesty, giving them what they want, exactly how they want it. The power is in the hands of our customers, and we’re there every step of the way.