Green future for business?

With green energy on the agenda in a leading Yorkshire magazine, we felt well placed to provide comment. Here’s an edited extract of our thoughts about the future of green business.

The UK is on the cusp of an energy revolution, but we’re falling behind on the quest to enhance our renewable and alternative energy offerings. Other nations are ploughing significant resources into these opportunities (China has committed almost £300bn to developing renewable energy), whilst the UK is reporting an inability to reach European targets set for 2020 (including 30 per cent of electricity to be supplied by renewables by this date).

It isn’t all doom and gloom though; some encouraging stats show that renewables supplied a quarter of the UK’s energy requirement in 2015 and wind as a source of energy overtook coal for the first time, in 2016; we are moving in the right direction, but there’s much more to do. The change, led by governments elsewhere, is conversely being pushed more by energy users here, so those energy providers failing to take initiative risk becoming obsolete or falling out of favour with consumers.

The implications of the Brexit vote also raise doubts, we cannot be sure of how relevant all EU-led renewables targets will become. While so many questions remain about the best way for the UK to progress, it remains the responsibility of energy suppliers, technological innovators and the consumer, to push forward.

At CNG we are taking a rounded approach to addressing these challenges. While engaging in a considered roll out of our own renewables offering – devised through our own research, customer consultation and industry knowledge, we are also helping to enhance understanding, utilisation and application within our local communities.

If we, as businesses with the power to engage, drive change and innovate take the lead, we can boost awareness and bring the interests of consumers to the fore. Suppliers need to rise to the challenge, becoming innovators and champions for alternative energy sources, not simply waiting for the latest deadline.