Helping to create competition

As a gas supplier that has championed and encouraged greater competition within the industry for a number of years, we were pleased to see the recent announcement that M&S Energy would be entering a new partnership with Octopus Energy.

It was revealed a few short months ago that M&S Energy were to part ways with existing supplier, SSE after a nine-year partnership, and we think it’s fantastic that they’ve opted to partner with an energy supplier outside of the ‘big six’.

It’s no secret that for a long time, the ‘big six’ have dominated both the domestic and business gas supply markets, with 82% of UK households supplied by either British Gas, EDF, E.ON, Scottish Power, SSE or npower, and according to the latest Cornwall Insight report, 47% of the UK business gas market is supplied by the big six. This has created an environment in which competition hasn’t truly been able to thrive, preventing energy users from getting a good, fair deal and the service they deserve.

Many large suppliers have grown complacent in their position in the market, which has led to dissatisfaction, confusion and frustration becoming the norm for energy users. However, if we can create a more competitive market, suppliers will have no choice but to do a better job for their customers, otherwise they risk losing them to those who do.

We understand the need to challenge the ‘big six’ stronghold within the market, and for years, CNG have worked to push competition to the fore. In our role as the UK’s largest independent gas shipper, we support smaller gas suppliers, such as Octopus, in entering the market. We help them to establish themselves in a market that for the most part has been dominated by big business.

When new suppliers enter the market, this provides energy customers with a greater choice and price range, enabling them to find the supply, supplier and tariff that is perfect for them. In recent years, more energy users have started to make the shift towards smaller suppliers, driven by the desire to find fairer deals and an enhanced service. However, there’s still a long way to go. We’d like to see more businesses looking to other suppliers, in order to create a more competitive industry where they have no choice but to put customers first.