How do you get the most out of your day whilst working from home?

Working from home may be something completely different for a lot of businesses and employees, and at first it may seem daunting and difficult to adjust. Don’t worry – you are not alone in this! We wanted to do all we can to help, so Abi in our HR team has put together a few top tips to help you get the most out of your day!

Waking up

Although it may be tempting to grab that extra time in bed that you would usually spend on the morning commute, aim to wake up around the same time every day – it will help stabilise your internal clock and improve your sleep overall. You’ll feel less tired and it will help you concentrate better throughout the day.

Getting ready

We are all guilty of staying in our pj’s when we have nowhere to be, but try and keep your morning routine as much as possible if you can. Get washed and dressed as you would if you were going to the office (okay you don’t have to put a shirt on but just something other than your dressing gown!). Just putting my mascara on makes me feel a bit more normal – I can face the day with a more ‘normal’ looking face!

Setting up your work space

Try and keep your work space and chill place separate, as this will help to prepare you for work mode and make it easier to switch off at the end of the day. You don’t need a home office to do this – a small desk set up in a corner of your room, or a laptop at the end of the kitchen table can do the trick.

Have a break

Being at home it can be easy to get sucked in and forget to take some time away from the screen, but it is really important!  Plan your breaks in and stick to them, you’ll be way more productive if you do so!

Stay connected

Just because we are working from home, does not mean we are alone (well, most of us have a house full at the moment!) Our teams are still there, even if we can’t make them a brew or nick one of their pens. Making sure you arrange calls and keep the communication going is key. In the office, we give each other energy without even realising it. The same sort of thing can be achieved on Whatsapp, MS teams or other online team platforms. Take some time to read, share and take part – it will keep the team spirit alive.

I have limited experience of working from home, but I have actually stuck to these basic principles and I feel better for it! The extra time on a morning has come in useful for exercise and this energises me for the rest of the day. I think it’s easy to sit and wish things were different, but I’ve decided to look at the positive parts – I’ve almost been given the gift of time! I’m sticking to the kitchen table – for me the living room is the relaxation area, so I’m avoiding it during the day. 1. It requires less hoovering due to less frequent use and 2. When I am starting a new Netflix documentary, I know I should be giving it the respect of my full attention –my laptop can have a rest next to my cookery books for the night.

In the HR team we continue to embrace our responsibility for the health, wellbeing, happiness and engagement of our people. So, we are encouraging people to share how they are getting on with their managers and have introduced wellness action plans to help. For us, it’s about being as flexible, empathetic and communicative as possible – that’s how we will get through this!