Meeting the rise in demand for Electric Vehicles

No longer a car of function over style, plug-ins are continuing to take on its fossil fuel counterparts.

The rise of electric vehicles comes undoubtedly off the back of the desire for a carbon free future but also the increase in choice and style of electric cars available as well. No longer a car of function over style, plug-ins are continuing to take on its fossil fuel counterparts – with new battery electric vehicle registrations more than tripling in June, up 262% year on year.

Recent technological advancements in range and overall battery life, intelligent load balancing solutions and extremely attractive new car mid-price range models have made the transition to EV even more appealing.

With Government targets set for net-zero and a heightened awareness of the damaging effect transport emissions can have on climate change, as a business you may be recognising the need to cater for the EV user, by ensuring onsite EV charging facilities – benefiting customers and employees too.

Not only this, but with government funding available, it’s an opportune time for businesses to make the transition.

In order to meet the increase in demand from businesses seeking more sustainable solutions, CNG has partnered with the UK’s award winning  electric vehicle charging company, Elmtronics.

Ellis Hall, Head of Partners at CNG on the new partnership: “We are thrilled to have partnered with Elmtronics to provide businesses with even more opportunities to realise where reductions can be made on carbon emissions and costs. With the EV market continuing to rise, more car models being released, continued improvement of charging infrastructure and government funding, Elmtronics are our trusted partner to provide businesses with the advice and expertise for installing EV charge points. We have already planned installations at CNG’s Head Office for employees and visitors.”

Simon Tate, Sales Director at Elmtronics, added: “Up until recently there has been fear around EV, range anxiety and the purchase price of these vehicles being outlined as unaffordable. In reality, as people speak to experts and learn more about the day to day life of owning an EV, they become so much more comfortable as they realise it isn’t as complicated as first thought. We can see the fear is beginning to slip away making room for excitement and there’s a real buzz around EV.”

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