Renewables - What are we doing?

We’ve all read the headlines – we’re talking about net-zero emissions by 2050. We’re facing a major change to the UK energy landscape and it’s something none of us can ignore. Renewables aren’t new, they’re just centre stage right now and rightly so! Here at CNG, we love to hear about the amazing work being done to move the UK forward; ‘coal free fortnight’ for example, marked the first time (since the industrial revolution!) that the UK went without burning any coal at all – but, it’s time for lasting change and Team CNG wants to do its fair share!

What we know:

The way we consume, deliver and source energy is set to change dramatically and eyes are on energy suppliers like us to lead the charge. We’re more passionate than ever about doing our part and importantly, being transparent.

Everything’s changing, so we’re seeing consumers leading the way, with energy being increasingly shaped to their needs, rather than the historic top-down model of suppliers being able to offer a product in a take-it-or-leave-it fashion. The days of The Big Six are over, consumers are more informed than ever thanks to social media and the rise of activists and influencers like Greta Thurnberg. They’re demanding choice, which is something we’ve been proud to champion and we’re busy bringing new, dynamic suppliers to market. But beyond that, the expectation is that suppliers will provide strong, enduring renewable energy options and we’re gearing up for that too. Our customers are being more vocal than ever before; they expect options, without ‘green premiums’ and they’d prefer to opt for a supplier with a strategy for providing renewables.

It’s clear, simply looking at the steep rise in electric car use, that consumers are seeking out ways to change their environmental impact.  One way Yorkshire and the UK can do more is to look at a unified approach to meeting targets such as net zero – and we think that means transport providers and energy suppliers like us working together to identify new technologies and opportunities to work smarter.

With increasing interest comes more new suppliers, which we are all for, but we do want to make sure that this comes with the much needed This is great for competition, but consumers need this coupled with clarity and education to make an informed choice that works for them. If there’s one thing we’re passionate about at CNG, it’s education, closely followed by empowerment. With our ‘power up’ philosophy, we work to ensure consumers know how energy can and should work for them, in short we make it simple and effective – we know consumers don’t have endless time to pour into their supply considerations, but that doesn’t mean they should be kept in the dark.

What we’re doing about it:

Doing the right thing is in our DNA at CNG, so when it came to renewables, we didn’t want to rush out a substandard product to tick a box – we’ve been working away in the background for some time, ensuring the infrastructure is in place to sustain our service levels as we work to meet the needs of a changing energy future. We’re benchmarking this commitment with The Planet mark – an accreditation aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals, which requires us to reduce our carbon footprint by five per cent year on year; we’re now in our second year and continue to exceed this target.  Couple this with restoration of vital ancient woodland as a partner of The Woodland Trust and facilitating energy education in schools – we’re focused on doing everything we can to have a positive impact.

We’ve also created CNG Choice to meet demand for more sustainable energy options. We’ve broken it down into three key areas: ‘Customer’ products such as green gas supply and electricity, ‘Community’ products to break down barriers for organisations in the public and third sectors – delivering sustainability and increased choice for their energy supply and ‘Change’ products, which focus entirely on not for profit projects.

There’s a huge opportunity for Yorkshire to lead the way for the UK – we’re calling on our fellow suppliers and businesses to start pooling what we’ve got here: the expertise, the technology and the passion, to drive change.