Sparking a rise in Electric Vehicles

As businesses and industries begin to move into the recovery phase following Coronavirus lockdown, there is undoubtedly more focus on how they can become more sustainable and decrease their carbon footprint.

The Government’s plans to reach Net Zero by 2050 partnered with a heightened awareness of the damaging effect transport emissions can have on climate change, has led to a rising number of SMEs considering a battery electric vehicle fleet and recognising the need for charge point installation within their premises.

A recent report from The Energyst showed that new battery electric vehicle registrations more than tripled in June, up 262% year on year, with over 66% of businesses surveyed reported to be considering installing EV charging infrastructure.

The rise of electric vehicles comes undoubtedly off the back of the desire for a carbon free future but also the increase in choice and style of electric cars available as well. No longer a car of function over style, plug-ins are continuing to take on its fossil fuel counterparts and recent data from Direct Line revealed that they are now on average £107 cheaper a year to own than petrol cars!

Up until recently there has been fear around EV, range anxiety and the purchase price of these vehicles being outlined as unaffordable. In reality, as businesses speak to experts and learn more about owning an EV fleet, they become so much more comfortable as they realise it isn’t as complicated as first thought.

Not only this, but with government funding available, it’s an opportune time for businesses to make the transition!