Staying Connected

As we all try to navigate our way through this unexplored land, it is more important than ever, to ensure that our people feel supported.

We have undertaken a variety of different activities to ensure that this is the case!


As they say, ‘communication is key’ and we are all truly missing those ‘non work related’ chin wags… the “Are you doing anything nice this weekend?” “Look at this picture of my new puppy!” and “Have you eaten at any nice restaurants recently?” So, we decided to take it one step further than our already in motion company-wide Whatsapp group to initiate these conversations by setting up virtual ‘coffee dates’ with groups of 3-4 across the business. We thought this would be a great way to switch off for 15 minutes and have a good old natter with our colleagues which we have all been missing.

Morale boosting activities

Staying connected doesn’t simply mean talking to one another, it can also mean taking part in fun activities to boost team spirit. We endeavour to make sure that there is the right balance between work and life, we know how crucial it is to have some fun at work and connect with fellow colleagues on a none work basis. We implemented activities such as a CNG Treasure Hunt, where each team were challenged to take a picture of all 50 items on the list, each. The best photos won the most points.

Not only this, company-wide challenges have been organised in order to encourage people to get moving.

Motivated Not Isolated

While our regular face-to-face meetings may have been put on hold, we embraced technology and moved these onto Microsoft Teams! Keeping connected and regular catch ups helps teams to feel motivated and not alone – it also gives employees a chance to ask any questions and voice any concerns they may have.


We know that these are testing times for everyone, with many people struggling, so it is important that we have many activities in place to support people’s well-being. In addition to our Wellness Action Plans, we have weekly mindfulness sessions, including mindful yoga, which help people to wind down, relax their minds and relieve the stresses of daily life.

We also recognise the benefits of exercise and getting those endorphins going, so our weekly virtual HIIT sessions on a Thursday lunch time do just that!