Suppliers of the Future

For the latest instalment of Yorkshire Vision, we looked at some of the ways the energy industry is set to adapt in the coming years, and how at CNG, we’re evolving to accommodate this.

As a supplier, we want to ensure businesses have the education and power to understand the changes ahead, because we know the way we consume, deliver and source energy is set to adapt dramatically.

This change is being turned on its head; consumers are set to lead the way, with energy increasingly being shaped to their needs. Customers have always been the heart of our business, so we welcome this change.

Our work with the ‘Putting the Customer First’ programme has given us a clear view of our industry from the customer perspective, so we’re busy bringing new, dynamic suppliers to market to facilitate choice and competition.

As a business owner it can be hard to connect with energy in the way we might with other expenditure, because we can’t see it; we don’t tend to emotionally connect with energy unless something goes wrong. However, energy is essential for us all, so we need to think differently.

Innovate UK has highlighted the rise of ‘energy as service’. This relates to making supply more relatable – selling the benefit and the outcome (warmth, light and heat), rather than a cold-sounding unit of kWh or therms. We’re seeing the industry move from simple ‘supply’ to service and CNG is passionate about being at the forefront of this move.

Businesses are also listening to consumers who recognise the need to become more sustainable. Take The Lego Group for example; everyone’s favourite brick creators recently announced their operations are now powered by 100 per cent renewable energy, three years ahead of target. We expect we’ll see a sharp rise in this kind of commitment.

EU Green Week this month shed light on what is being done, what needs to be done and what legislation is expected. This will impact future energy decisions for the UK and Europe. CNG are already exploring what alternatives we can offer and building a team to facilitate gathering insights and implementing them over time.