The time you spend at home may have increased - but your energy bill doesn't have to!

We are now in our third lockdown and businesses are once again taking their offices’ and workplaces back to their homes. But over the winter months how do you ensure that just because the time you spend at home is increasing, your energy bill doesn’t too?

There are many different ways you can be energy savvy and save yourself some money:

Switch it off

Did you know that by leaving the TV on whilst you are not watching/not in the room actually is costing you a lot on your electricity bill? The larger they are the more they use, so if you are wanting that little bit of background noise, you’re better off putting on the radio or using an energy efficient echo dot for example.

Stuck on standby

Be aware though, a device isn’t truly OFF unless it is unplugged. Believe it or not devices that are on standby mode are still consuming a lot of electricity! Television boxes can still use more than half the watts in standby mode as they do when you’re watching!

Is your charger draining your energy bill?

Be wary of ‘energy vampire devices’ this term is used when a device such as the transformer (black block on laptop cable) continues to leach energy when you’re least aware. The block itself transforms electricity drawn from the grid to the correct lower voltage for your specific laptop to receive. However, even if you took your laptop into another room but left the cable plugged in, it would still be drawing and transforming the energy but going nowhere – wasting energy and your money!

Let there be light

We know it is getting darker and the days are getting shorter, but try and make the most of the daylight we do have! Rather than having the lights on try set up your office in the brightest room in the house and have the curtains wide open (it will also help improve your mood!).