Tips on how to make sure you get an accurate energy bill

Tips to make sure you get an accurate energy bill:

  1. Accurate read mean accurate bills. The best way to get an accurate bill is with a smart meter. Not sure how to get one? Contact your supplier who will be able to help. Find out more about Smart meters, what they are and the benefits to you.
  2. If you don’t have a Smart meter, make sure you supply your meter reads regularly. Again that way, your supplier will bill you on what you have actually used rather than an estimate. CNG customers – unsure where to submit your meter read and what time of the month is best? Click here.
  3. Check your bill. If you don’t understand how your bill is calculated ask your supplier. Read our guide on understanding your energy bill
  4. Contact your supplier if you think your bill is wrong or you have supplied a meter reading and your bill isn’t accurate. Mistakes do happen from time to time.