Together more than ever

In a world that we could’ve never predicted before, many businesses are doing all they can to try and keep their heads above the water and survive. While it may be easy to focus on counting the pennies, in times like these it is not always about finances – there is one constant that has proved itself to be more valuable than ever, and that’s our people.

Businesses can be quick to forget about the people who have got them to where they are today and as we all navigate through uncharted territories, it is more important than ever that they feel supported.

And at CNG, although we may be apart – we feel more together than ever before.


Communication is key. Two of our core values at CNG are Open and Honest and we have ensured that although we can’t physically be together in the office, open and honest communication continues. Weekly business update webinars with our CEO and other members of the Senior Leadership Team help with motivation and to reduce some of the uncertainty people might be feeling. Not only this, but it helps to create a feeling of trust amongst employees by knowing they are receiving regular and honest communication – whether it be good or bad!

We have also introduced ‘3-a-week’ email communications which provide both business and general updates as well as some morale boosters and wellbeing tips!

Motivated Not Isolated

While our regular face-to-face meetings may have been put on hold for now, we have embraced technology and moved these onto Microsoft Teams! Keeping connected and regular catch ups helps teams to feel motivated and not alone – it also gives employees a chance to ask any questions and voice any concerns they may have.

Getting Connected

Everyone is really missing those ‘non work related’ chit chats… the “What did you get up to at the weekend?” “Look at what I’ve been baking!” and “Can anyone recommend a new recipe?” so we decided to create a platform to initiate these conversations. Our company wide Whatsapp group has allowed employees to share what they have been up to, ideas and just generally give the sense of community we may be missing!

Morale Boosting Activities

With working from home full time, it can be hard to find a balance between work life and home life. It is easy to work longer hours than normal and switching off fully on evenings and weekends can be difficult.

Boosting team spirit and morale is extremely important at the moment – and we have tried to ensure there is this balance between work and life as it is important to still have fun at work and connect with colleagues on a none work basis! We have set weekly competitions – from nature photos to Lego building and ‘at home haircuts’ which are shared throughout the company and the winner receiving a prize!

Not only this, companywide quizzes have also been hosted and in order to encourage employees to get moving we have set a walking challenge to see who can get the most steps in on a weekly basis – everyone loves a bit of healthy competition!


We know these are really difficult times for everyone, so it’s important that we have Well-being Action Plans in place to enable managers to support their team as best they can. These help stimulate conversations which might feel a little bit more difficult to do now that we aren’t seeing each other every day, but it is more important than ever to speak up about any struggles they might be experiencing.

There is a weekly well-being theme in our email updates, with tips and links to how we can be helping look after our well-being. We want to ensure we sign post short snippets of information which we hope are relevant and could really help people to look after their well-being.

Alongside this, weekly pulse surveys are sent out to receive honest feedback on how employees are feeling and to help us to improve employee engagement. This is particularly important right now as we start to think about transitioning back into the office.

Mental Health Awareness Courses

Finally, with an increased focus on mental health we have held mental health awareness courses with a number of our managers to help support conversations and reduce the stigma around mental well-being.