What Customer First said about us!

We’ve covered a bit about what Customer First is, why it matters and what’s involved in previous blogs, so now it’s time for, drumroll….the results of our recent assessment! We’re sharing this, not just because it’s nice to read the lovely words that our assessor James had to say about our people (though it is!), but because it’s easy for us to say ‘all went well’ but that’s not the level of WOW or accountability we promise – and we always want to deliver on communication and being open!

With that in mind, we’ll also be sharing what we’re focusing on next in pursuit of being the best! But first, here’s some of the observations made about Team CNG this time:

It is evident that the customer is at the heart of CNG

It’s clear that CNG developed fantastic relationships with their various customer groups which include the broker network, wholesale customers and end users.

CNG spend time understanding the needs of their customers and how the services provided meet their expectations.

CNG have a clear set of values which is fully understood throughout the organisation, the team have spent time embedding the six values.

The customer service teams regularly take time to explain the billing process to customers, so they are better able to understand the energy billing process.

Each team has a great deal of industry knowledge and knows where that fits into their role.

This is just some of the feedback we were so grateful to receive, but it’s worth saying that this was the result of years of hard work, none of this would be possible without the passion of hundreds of people here at CNG. Every one of us from the leadership team to the interns is committed to living the values and making sure that we deliver on every promise we make to our team, partners and, of course, our customers!

As we’ve mentioned before, Putting the Customer First is a journey of continuous improvement, so getting it all sewn up for another year, just means we’re on to looking at the next thing we can do to better ourselves and the industry! While there were no areas essential for us to focus on to meet the standard this year, some of the ways we’re looking to build on this include:

  • Looking at even more ways to share information cross-departmentally. Something we’re passionate about to ensure everyone knows how their role and contribution impacts our success, output and culture.
  • Seeing how we can further breakdown important information like Net Promoter Scores by department to further help us boost service and training opportunities.
  • Continuing to build on customer insight to grow our portfolio in line with expectation, demand and the changing energy landscape – more on this soon!

There you have it. You might not hear much about Customer First for a few months, but you can rest assured it’s all going on, all the time!