What does being green really mean?

As a nation, we’re on a quest to become greener. In recent years, we’ve heard about and witnessed the detrimental impacts that we as a society are having on our planet, and for the most part, we’ve become determined to move towards a greener way of doing things.

As an energy shipper and supplier, that means that we’re placing increasing importance on the move towards greener energy, in an attempt to become less reliant on fossil fuels. Energy users are also becoming more interested in where their energy comes from, and how this impacts the environment. In fact, a recent survey found that 87% of respondents would like energy suppliers to be clearer about where the renewable energy that they supply comes from.

Although it’s clear that consumers want to make greener energy choices, they’re arguably not getting the right support and information to help them do so. Only 34% of respondents to the same survey knew that renewable energy includes biomass, and when explained what biomass was, only 23% of people agreed that this was a ‘green’ form of energy.

A common misconception about energy is that sustainable energy is non-polluting, but all energy sources have some impact on the environment. Renewable energy is still more environmentally friendly as they’re non-finite and considerably less polluting than other types of energy.

The benefits of opting for sustainable energy sources over non-renewable ones are plentiful, so suppliers and industry bodies should be doing more to ensure energy users have the information they want and need to make greener choices. Another recent survey showed that around 54% of people would like to receive more information from their energy supplier about usage and how to conserve energy.

At CNG, we’ve recently launched our own green offering, helping to provide more environmentally friendly choices for energy users. We understand the importance of supporting our customers in making decisions and understanding more about green energy, which is why we’re working hard to develop comprehensive resources so that they know everything that they need to about their energy supply.

By being more open, clear and supportive of energy users, enabling them to gain a better understanding of their supply and the more sustainable options open to them, suppliers could be encouraging more people to consider green energy. The appetite is there, but suppliers and industry figures must do more, so that we can all work together towards a greener future.