What steps are businesses taking to help protect themselves against Corona Virus?

With now over 2,600 in the UK and the number growing by the day, many businesses, both independent and global are starting to see effects in some way or another.

With all the uncertainty, it is important that as a business you are doing all you can to protect yourself and your staff from the outbreak.

At CNG we are putting plans in place to try and limit the impact of Corona Virus as much as possible; our current focus is on health, well-being and prevention with the main message from us being – to not panic, but stay informed!

But how can you help your business and your staff?


In situations like this, planning is crucial. Plan for all eventualities – do your staff have the facilities they need to work from home if they need to?  Do you have policies and procedures in place in relation to CoVid19 and self-isolation? Have you planned for the impact the Corona Virus may have on the goods or the service you supply? Do you have up to date contact information for all your employees in case an urgent message needs to be sent? Have you worked together with your suppliers and partners to understand their plans to ensure there is as minimal disruption as possible to your supply chain?

All of these are so important to think about over the next few weeks!


Look after yours and your employee’s health and wellbeing

Without teaching you how to suck eggs, there are some key things that the NHS suggests you can do to make sure you’re looking after yours and your employee’s health:

  • Frequent hand washing is key! Put hand sanitisers near doors/in communal areas!
  • Keep all working areas clean
  • Cough and sneeze into your elbow or disposable tissue. Make sure to bin this straight away (your tissue that is!)
  • Get your flu vaccination if you are eligible
  • Keep visitors to a minimum unless absolutely necessary

Communication is absolutely key! Communicate your plans to your staff, keep them as informed as possible on the current number of cases, what the current risk level to the business is, what they need to do if they start to feel unwell.

The more communication – the better!

If you require further information on our Corona Virus action plan please contact us on 01423 502554