Wholesale Success for CNG

Harrogate-based supplier and shipper of natural gas, CNG, has confirmed its place as the wholesale provider of choice, after a raft of new and renewed deals to ship gas around the network for a number of other suppliers

CNG is recognised as the largest independent shipper of gas in the UK, a point underlined by a customer service league table published this January by Which. CNG has provided wholesale services to four out of the top-five suppliers and in addition to this, two of CNG’s newest start-ups have made the top 12 in their first year.

The business is set to reach a major milestone in gas supply, of one million individual supply points during the coming months. Whilst CNG is well known as a supplier of gas to around 50,000 SMEs, a significant part of the business revolves around shipping gas around the network for other suppliers to their own customers. CNG now has 31 supplier contracts, with companies delivering a vast range of volumes and catering for different customer needs.

CNG Financial Director, Chris England said: “Most people know us as a commercial supplier for SMEs, but we have invested a great deal of time in becoming the shipper of choice for many suppliers. As demand for industry competition increases, we are keen to play an integral role in this development. Working in the wholesale arena provides multiple opportunities for growth and allows us to deliver our expertise within the consumer space.”

“We see competition as healthy, so helping create it ensures a more diverse market in which we can all operate. We relish the opportunity to use what we know to bring a new supplier to market, it is a great position to be in. As a result, wholesale is going from strength to strength and we’re perfectly placed to continue growing this side of the business.”

CNG is in a unique position in that it has a gas shipper licence, is itself a supplier and also has an expert Energy Connections team, meaning that the business can own and manage the delivery of gas from the national network to individual properties, giving much more control to the business and its customers. CNG has championed change within the energy market and looks set to deliver impressive growth in terms of shipping and supply volumes in the coming months.