Wise up to winter usage

The winter months can see energy bills skyrocket and for many SMEs, covering this rise in costs can be a struggle. At CNG, we put our customers first and that includes helping them to be wiser with energy in order to keep costs down during the winter period. A rise in energy bills can be combatted by taking some simple measures to ensure that you are operating more efficiently.

Employees can have a significant impact on a business’ energy usage. Simple steps such as revising the office seating plan to locate people in well-lit areas that avoid draughts could be a surprisingly effective means of reducing the amount of energy that you use, eliminating the need for extra lighting or heating.

Keeping employees informed of the ways you’re trying to reduce energy bills can transform the initiative into a company-wide effort, and will therefore be more effective. Of course, this is about more than just money. Businesses of all sizes have a duty to minimise their effect on the environment too.

A major contributor to the amount of energy consumed by a business is the equipment used in daily operations. SMEs may consider replacing outdated equipment with newer and more efficient ones. Although it may seem like an obvious idea, ensuring that machines are turned off when they are not in use is a simple way of reducing energy usage.

There are some relatively easy steps we can all take to help reduce the bills, and help the environment, this winter. But for CNG, it’s vital to look at the bigger picture. Gas is an unusual commodity, in that prices can vary a lot. We know this can be a challenge, and no-one likes to be locked into a long deal, on out-dated pricing. Many of our customers look at our ‘Blend and Extend’ option, which can help even out fluctuations in the cost of gas.

We’ll also help businesses in other ways, like letting you know if there are any unexpected spikes in their usage, or by simply talking to them about the best tariff.

An energy company dedicated to helping businesses reduce costs may seem like a novel idea, but here at CNG, we always put our customers first, this is why we hope these handy tips will help you cope with the added demands of winter.