Workplace wellbeing

Here at CNG, we pride ourselves on supporting people to become the best version of themselves – we know personal lives aren’t forgotten about at 9am and picked back up at 5.30. The people really do make the place what it is and the wellbeing of our CNGers is a top priority. It’s something we have been and will continue to work on and support as we want everyone to feel happy, healthy and heard here in CNG HQ.

As well as the new gym on the second floor, we’re involved with a variety of mental health charities and we take part in a huge variety of sporting events and physical challenges. From the Knaresborough bed race and five aside football, to yoga on a Monday night, there is always something going on to help keep your mind, body and soul feeling good.

Watch our latest video of CNG TV to learn more about how we help support CNGers with their mental and physical health, because here at CNG we’re like one big family, and that’s what families do.