You & Your Gas Meter - What size gas meter do I need?

It can get difficult to know what size meter your business needs with there being so much choice. Whether you’re moving into a new site with an existing gas meter, you’re building a new property and need a meter installing or you just want to know if your existing meter is right for you, here are few tips to ensure you have the correct meter for your needs.

What determines the size of meter I need?

Each meter has a maximum amount of gas that can flow through it, this flow of gas is known as the peak hourly load. The peak hourly load is the key to finding out what size meter you need, depending on your required peak hourly load you may need a smaller or larger meter.

How do I find out what Peak Hourly Load I need?

Your Peak Hourly Load is determined by what gas using appliances are at your premises and the amount of gas they require to work correctly. The easiest and quickest way to find out your peak hourly load requirements is to contact a local Gas Safe Engineer and arrange for them to come and assess your appliances. They will then be able to confirm your Peak Hourly Load. Click Here to find Gas Safe Engineers in your area.

How do I find out what meter can support my Peak Hourly Load?

Once you know your peak hourly load, you can use the guide below to find out what size gas meter you will need.

Now I know what size meter need, how do I get it installed?

If you require a new meter to be installed, or you have any questions on the above tips please get in touch with our Energy Connections team who can be contacted on either or 01423 535 664.